Previous Trips

In 1985 the Public Private Partnership (PPP), a group of engaged community leaders, organized our community’s first intercity visit to Lexington, Kentucky. The creation of the PPP and the intercity visit were spurred by a visit from Lexington’s community leadership in 1984 and Lexington’s invitation for a reciprocal visit.

Since that first trip to Lexington our community has traveled to six other college communities including Bloomington (University of Indiana), Boulder (University of Colorado), Princeton, New Jersey (Princeton University), Charlotte (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), Champaign-Urbana (University of Illinois) and Ann Arbor (University of Michigan). Our most recent trip was to Madison, Wisconsin in 2006.

What We Learned on Previous Visits

Many of our community institutions and practices owe their beginnings to previous intercity visits. Here are a few that participants of previous visits have identified:

Previous participants report that while they learned a lot about the communities they visited and brought back some good ideas, they also benefited greatly from the relationships and partnerships built among community leaders on the trip.

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